Case Studies

Madera Partners Consulting

Corporate Culture, Team Development & Coaching

Innovation and Corporate Culture
Company: A leading marketing and e-commerce company

Challenge: The President wants to build on previous work with Madera Partners assessing the culture and strengths of his organization. His goals are to increase his senior managers’ awareness and engagement with critical strategic goals, and to help managers promote creative thinking across all functional areas to accomplish these goals.

Solution: First, Madera Partners conducted a comprehensive culture assessment through all-hands surveys and targeted, in-depth interviews to help pinpoint leadership opportunities and surface critical issues in the minds of employees. In the next phase we partnered with the President and VP-HR in a Leadership Development program for senior executives- focusing attention on mission-critical strategic objectives and responding to issues revealed in the culture assessment. This program provides leaders with rich and insightful feedback on their performance, and supports their growth through executive coaching and action learning experiences.

High Performance Teaming
Company: A leading internet solutions provider

Challenge: This early stage company is growing fast, and the CEO needs his senior team to come together quickly and efficiently to accomplish the ambitious agenda of fueling further growth and building effective business processes.

Solution: Madera Partners helped team members re-frame the inevitable stresses of fast growth and uncertainty, working through individual coaching and facilitating an off-site meeting. Team members were able to identify and skillfully deal with many of the risks of team development under pressure, freeing up energy for productive interactions and building synergy between departments.

As new members are considered for the team, Madera Partners participates in the selection process, enhancing the hiring team’s judgment and insight about candidates and smoothing the new leader integration process.

Executive Coaching for Enhanced Leadership Effectiveness
Company: A Family-owned Manufacturing Company

Challenge: The President wants to assess and fine-tune his management style to meet the demands of this growing company that is expanding through partnerships and off-shoring relationships.

Solution: Madera Partners provided an Executive Coaching process that included in-depth assessments of personality and motivations. The President uses ongoing regular consulting sessions to address areas of challenge and growth in managing others, succession planning, and building strong partnerships in and outside of the company.