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Madera Partners Can Help You Grow

Here is a list of the many ways we can help you and your company grow and prosper.

When you need to:

Sharpen the focus in the choice of new employees:
Selection Assessment

Smooth the integration of executive and new employees:

Clearly define success factors for jobs or job families, to guide selection and professional development:
Build/revise Competency Models

Design and collaborate with HR function to increase leadership effectiveness:
Leadership Development

Identify and groom the next generation of leaders, build “bench strength”:
Succession Planning

Help teams clear away barriers to high performance so they can get down to business and contribute their best work:
Team development

Support leaders in clarifying and articulating organizational and business strategy:
Off-site, retreat, and/or strategy meeting design and facilitation

Understand the underlying organizational issues and strengths that support our business:
Organizational Culture Assessment

Revise and redesign organizational and strategy-making processes to be more attentive to change in the market, and more adaptive in capitalizing on such changes:
Changeability Consulting