How we work

Madera Partners Consulting

We pay attention to both
Content & Process

  • We partner with our clients to help them achieve their strategic & leadership goals.
  • Our approach is flexible, depending on your needs and capabilities:
    • DIY: transferring methods and training you to accomplish your objectives
    • Partnering: working by your side
    • Outsourcing: taking on certain tasks that we agree are better accomplished by people not employed by the organization.
  • Physicians say “The cure is only as good as the assessment and diagnosis” and we agree. We are sticklers for assessing how things are going before we make any suggestions or interventions.
  • We draw on many assessment tools, including personal interviews and a wide variety of questionnaires, surveys and tests, on-line and in-person.
  • We consult both on the basis of content (helping you get the answers) and process (helping you with how you go about leading and managing). We prefer to focus on the latter, developing or enhancing your skills and abilities for lasting benefit.
  • 2 guiding ideas:
    • We don’t subscribe to the definition of people as human resources, talent, or human capital (or whatever limiting and incomplete metaphor is current today). In our view, people are organic, evolving, responsive beings – capable of great energy, enthusiasm, and innovation. (try getting that out of a resource).
    • Leadership is fundamentally about engaging and inspiring people to do the best work of their careers.