Solutions & Results

Madera Partners Consulting

Leadership for the Future

We hear:

“We have to get better at choosing and growing people in leadership positions… our bench strength needs to improve.”

We help:
  • Clarify the capabilities needed to reach strategic goals
  • Focus job descriptions and competency models on real-life
    requirements for success
  • Articulate current leaders’ strengths and development opportunities
  • Provide executive coaching, strategic review activities, and leadership process consultation to move agendas forward
They got:
  • A unique set of leadership competencies that link talent
    management to strategy
  • More options for developing and selecting leaders at all levels
  • The information needed to make critical promotion and developmental decisions

“Madera Partners helped us tap the best thinking of our senior team and translated it into leadership behaviors that are aligned to our strategic goals. Now, people really see leadership and professional development as driving our competitive advantage.”

- VP HR, marketing/advertising company